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Lumpy the River Knot Coffee Table in two parts.

The large black locust knot was originally one piece. It was split in two to create the book-matched pair and set on permanent rolling dollies. The knot emerged one spring as the high water subsided just upstream from the point of the Great Island. With considerable effort it was rolled ashore and lodged in the shop under the wing of the table saw - for nearly 20 years. It was split in two with a chainsaw mill in the fall of 2019 and cleaned, sanded, carved, and had the cracks filled over the course of the winter. The pieces are intended to travel together. They are approx. 26 x 31 x 16 inches high on bright blue, non-marring casters. They are still significantly heavy. The piece shows about 75 years worth of growth rings but there is no telling how old the tree was or how long it had been in the river. Black locust is one of few woods that would remain intact under such conditions.

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